ESSEM COST Action ES1404: A European network for a harmonised monitoring of snow for the benefit of climate change scenarios, hydrology and numerical weather prediction

WG1- WG2 Questionnaires

Questionnaire 1

The purpose of the questionnaire is to make a survey on the measured snow parameters and applied instrumentation/techniques. The questionnaire only addresses general information, and should be filled just once for ALL measured parameters. For each parameter, the applied instrument should be selected among the available choices or specified with text in the free space.


>>Link to the questionnaire
>>Questionnaire results [XLSX]

WG3 Questionnaires

Questionnaire 1

The aim of this questionnaire is to identify and enhance the usage of snow data in numerical models. These models are used for assimilation, forcing, monitoring, validation, or verification with application in numerical weather prediction, hydrological services, in special models (e.g. road model) and reanalysis runs.

If all information is available, it takes about 15 min to go through all questions. After submission of the form you have also the opportunity to modify or add some answers.

>>Link to the questionnaire
>>Questionnaire results [XLSX][CSV]

Impact Gap Analysis

>>Gap analysis questionnaire for short term scientific missions
>>Gap analysis questionnaire for management committee and working groups
>>Gap analysis questionnaire for training school attendees
>>Gap anaylsis results
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